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Deroche Elementary
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Kids in the Kitchen Program

Kids in the Kitchen.jpgIn 2017 we introduced a "Kids in the Kitchen" Program to Deroche Elementary.  It was our goal to educate students about good nutrition while teaching them the valuable life skill of cooking at a young age.  The program was found to be quite valuable so we will continue it again this year.  Our facilitator rotates through each classroom on a weekly basis to teach the class a new recipe.  Students do everything from gathering supplies, measuring ingredients, baking and washing the dishes.

Our "Kids in the Kitchen" Program has many benefits including:

  • Giving students a lasting life skill of planning meals and making smarter food choices
  • Allowing for a better understanding of nutritional concepts through experiential learning associated with food preparation
  • Encouraging students to want to cook at home with their family
  • Giving students a sense of accomplishment, independence and a feeling of contribution
  • Teaching additional skills through cooking (ie reading; following directions and basic math skills; counting, weighing, measuring, tracking time, etc. 
  • Helping build self-confidence and gaining social skills by working together (sharing through cooperation, communication and learning from others)
  • Giving students the opportunity to learn about foods from different cultures
Kids in the Kitchen - Muffins.jpg