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Deroche Elementary
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Aboriginal Cultural Program

We are proud to offer a variety of Aboriginal Programs for all of our students at Deroche.  We provide many opportunities to participate in activities such as soapstone carving, weaving, beading, directed drawing, bannock, Metis jigging, drumming and song.  Our school embraces Aboriginal traditions and we welcome many cultural presenters and Elders to our school throughout the year.  We are also pleased to offer our students weekly Halq'emeylem lessons led by Peter (Pipte) Lindley from our Aboriginal Department.

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In addition to offering language training on a weekly basis, Deroche Elementary has a number of initiatives that are designed to enrich the understanding and sense of belonging of both our majority of Aboriginal students as well as the rest of our student population. Each month, all the classes in our school complete art, writing and other assignments on one of the seven sacred teachers. At the end of the month a particular class presents their work publicly in a "Celebration of Learning Assembly". Each assembly is begun by our Aboriginal Culture Club consisting of 10 to 15 grade 5 and 6 students singing and drumming to a traditional Sto:lo welcome song.

Finally, a few days a week, our children get the opportunity to be read an Aboriginal story and each child has the opportunity to learn about their culture while being outside in a forest setting.AB - Child in Forest.jpg