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Deroche Elementary
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Parents Helping Parents

We have created this “Parent’s Helping Parents” page to support each other through our COVID-19 days!  We’ve added a spot to post helpful tips and also a spot for parents/guardians to share their ideas.  We thought it would be neat for families to be able to connect this way and to share their tips and suggestions with others. We plan to post something each week as a suggestion on how you can help with your child’s at-home learning and we are encouraging others to share your pictures and ideas too.  You can email your pictures to Mrs. MacLean and she will upload them to the website.  Please keep in mind that this is a public site for everyone to see. 

Enjoy the photos below and remember that we are here for you during these upside down days!  We know that it's hard not having the routines that we're used to and there's many moments in between the photos that are tough right now.  May the collection of photos help inspire you not to give up though and may they put a smile on your face if you're feeling somewhat lonely.  Just remember you are not alone .... our Bear family sticks together no matter the challenges we're facing.  Let's continue to show that we care for one another by staying connected through these troubled times.  

Helpful Tips:

Check out this document for some great tips for Parents:  COVID-19-Parenting-Tips.pdf

Not sure how to explain the Coronavirus to your Child?  Here's a helpful kid-friendly video from PlayMobil which helps explain things.

Let's Share:

Here's a snapshot of the many different ways we can help with our child's learning.  Visit often as we will continue to post your photo's and suggestions.  Have Fun and Stay Safe!!

Stay Active

Walk on the Dyke.PNG

We are so lucky to have such beautiful places and spaces to go for a walk in Deroche.  Me and my family went for a walk along the Nicomen Slough today.  It's important to get some exercise and fresh air so go explore but keep your distance with other families!

Shepherd Obstacle.jpg

We make sure we stay active everyday!  Look at the obstacle course we built in our backyard.  This was a PE assignment from Mrs. Takhar and we wanted to let you know how much fun we had building it and having our obstacle race!

Soccer Game.jpg

We made sure we got some exercise today by playing a fun game of soccer.  You don't have to be a super-star athlete to play.  Just get outside and kick the ball around with your brother or sister or mom or dad or maybe your dog wants to play with you too!  Me and my brothers played together today and it was alot of fun!

Be Creative

Creative - Stick Campfire.PNG

We wanted to have a campfire today but mom said there's a campfire ban on. Oh sigh!  But then we had a great idea.  Why don't we make a pretend campfire with some things that we can find around the house.  Look what we made with some sticks!  We're calling it our popsicle-stick campground!  Do you like our campfire and our tent and our kyack?  We think it's really cool!  


Hi everyone, it's Dylan!  Look what I made today.  There's lots of cool ideas on a website that my teacher showed to my mom called Scholastics.  It's the same company that does our Book Fair!  They have lots of books that you can read on-line too.  You should check it out!  I hope you like my Lego spider!

TP Rocket Ship pic.png

There seems to be shortage on toilet paper these days……what’s up with that!?  When you get to the end of the roll, we’ve got an idea for you …. you can build a TP Rocket Ship!

Rock Monsters.png

We painted Rock Monsters today!  Look how they turned out.  We're going to put them in the garden!

Make Time for Play

Playing Don't Be Greedy.png

Here's a picture of me and my brother playing a game of "Don't Be Greedy" together.  We also learned how to make a YouTube video with our mom so we could show our friends and teachers what we've been up to!

Water Fight.PNG


Have Fun Learning

Williams Working.png

It's "Time to Learn" at our house!  We all have a special spot to do our work.  We love to write and draw pictures the most.  Once we're done our work, Mom always has a fun adventure waiting for us!

Board Games.PNG

Here's me and my brother playing a fun game of snakes and ladders.  My teacher said games like this will also teach me how to count and she was right!  I showed my brother how to count today too.  I guess I'm like a teacher too!

Math Time.jpg

My dad said I had to do my math homework before I went outside today.  I thought it was going to be hard but I did it!  Mom says practicing my math skills will help me if I want to be a builder or a carpenter when I grow up.  

Write a Story.PNG

Today we watched a movie called "Shark Squad" and then we wrote a story about the movie to practice printing and spelling words.  Mom helped us with a few words that we got stuck on and then we coloured in our shark pictures.  My picture is black and white and my brother's picture has lots of colours.  I've never seen a green, orange and red shark before ... have you?  

Telling Time.png

Hi!  I wanted to show you that I’m learning how to tell time!  I already know how to tell time by the hour and now I’m learning how to tell time by the half hour.  Here’s a video about Telling Time.  It explains even more things about telling time.  Do you know what time it is?  I’d say it’s recess time ….. time to take a break and go out to play!

Reading with Brother.png

Here's a picture of me reading a book to my little brother.  I have another brand new baby brother at my house so sometimes I do things with my other little brother to help out my mom.  I like to read stories to him.

Read a Book.PNG

Me and my little brother are reading a book together.  We take turns.  I read a page and then he reads a page.  Sometimes I have to help him with the hard words but that's what big brothers are for.  Our little brother usually likes to listen to us when we read but sometimes he'll go and play with Lego instead.

Get Comfy pic.png

I like to get comfy when I’m doing my school work!  He’s a picture of me chillin’ while working on a page in one of my homework books.

Learn from Others


Today I got to work with my dad and we built a woodworking table using some left over lumber.  It turned out awesome!  I can't wait to build something else.  Maybe a birdhouse for my mom or a wooden toolbox for my dad!


I've been learning about horses and during Spring Break my Gramma was teaching me how to ride!  See me on the horse!!  This was so much fun.  This is my Gramma's horse and my mom grew up riding too.  My sister loves horses too and they love us!

Explore Outdoors

Bee Hive.png

Today when I was outside with my sister, guess what we found in our backyard?  A part of a bee hive!  There was no bees in it but you could see all the spaces.  It looks really cool.  Can you see all the spaces in the picture we took?  My sister is learning about the letter “B” -  B, B, B is for Bees!  and now I want to learn more about “Bees” too.  Did you know that bees have 6 legs and 4 wings?  You can watch this Busy Bee video if you want to learn more.


Today we planted some seeds and sprouting carrot tops in the dirt.  We're going to see if they will grow.  Once they get bigger mom said we can plant them in a garden in the yard.   I'm going to make a garden box in a sunny spot near our back deck.  I  haven't decided if I'll use rocks or wood logs for the sides but I'll let you know.  My brother found an empty flower pot so we're going to fill it with dirt and use that to grow some plants in too.  I didn't know that gardening could be so much fun!

Learn to Cook

Hot Dogs.PNG

Today we made hot dog treats.  This wasn't an ordinary hot dog day - can you tell how we cooked them?  Can you see the pot in the picture and our hot dog pieces on the sticks.  Mom cooked them for us and they were fun to eat!

Cooking Eggs.jpg

Today I got to make omelettes on the stove with my mom.  I cracked 2 eggs and put them in the pan and then used a big spoon to mix them around while they were cooking on the heat.  Our eggs don't come from a store.  We have chickens that I help take care of and everyday we collect the eggs from the chicken coop.  

Dinner Time.PNG

Today I helped make dinner.  I cut and washed the lettuce and then cut up the chicken into pieces.  It's easy to make chicken ceasar salad and it tastes really good.  I make sure that I am careful when I'm cutting.  Now that I'm getting older, I can do more things like this.  Mom says I am responsible and a hard worker!  I like to help with cooking - I think it's fun!


Today we got to help make meatballs for dinner.  Look at the 3 meatballs ..... they look great!

Do Some Chores


We promised our mom and dad that we would help with chores.  I like to help with vacuuming and we all like to help make supper.  Mom says that many hands make light work.  I think if everyone helps with the chores then we have more time to play.  I like to help.  It makes me feel good inside.

Weed the Garden.PNG

Today we helped with chores outside.  We cleaned up some branches around the yard that had fallen from a windy winter storm and we cleaned up the gardens by fluffing up the dirt and pulling out some weeds.  Mom planted some bulbs last year and we can see them starting to poke through the dirt.  Pretty soon they will be big and with their flowers blooming.  When we were digging, we found lots of worms too!

Take A Break

Movie Time.PNG

One of our favorite things to do is watch a movie together.  It's popcorn and movie time at our house tonight!  We take turns picking a movie.  Tonight we are going to watch Aladdin.  We all love that movie!

Dance Party.PNG

It's break time from our work so we're having a dance-off in the living room.  Turn up the music and jump around and dance, dance, dance!!!   You should have a dance-off in your living room if you want to take a break too!  It's fun to be silly!

Stay Connected

Sister DM.jpg

Do you like the picture I took of my sister riding her horse?  She makes me smile.  I miss my friends from school but I’m happy that I can play with my sister some more right now.  My sister wants to say hello to all of her StrongStart friends too.  Hello Ms. Julie too she says!!  I miss you!

Lost my Tooth.png

I wanted to show everyone that I lost my tooth today!  What’s happening with you today?   Maybe you could send a picture of what you’ve been doing at your house.  I love watching the story book videos from Mrs. MacMillan.  I miss my other teachers too and all of my friends.  I hope you like the picture of me and I can’t wait to see a picture of you.

Lesson plan - Call a Friend Day.PNG

Today was "Call a Friend" Day!  Mom helped us call our friends on the telephone and then we wrote about the things we talked about as part of our school work.  We miss our friends but we are still finding ways to stay connected!  We hope we can call you again soon!