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Deroche Elementary
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Division 2

​​Grade 3/4

Teacher:  Mrs. Rupinder Takhar

In 2020 the school had to move to on-line learning due to the COVID pandemic.  As a result, our E-Learning pages were created.  Now that we are back to in-person sessions, Mrs. Takhar has returned to classroom instruction only.  β€‹We have kept this page active though in the event of a functional closure, and as a resource to parents.  You can check here for links for extra support in reading and math.  If you would like to ask Mrs. Takhar a question, click on her name above to send her an email message.​

E-Learning Information:

If we return to on-line learning, Mrs. Takhar will use Teams to connect with you.

Microsoft Teams.jpg

Office 365| Microsoft Teams | Access through the LEARN75 portal by clicking on the Learn75 link on the black bar at the top of this page.

What is Microsoft Teams? ....... Teams is an online communication tool where teachers can create a Team for a class where on-line classes, meetings and videos can occur.  Teams is also used to post messages and assignments.  Assignments can be retrieved and handed in through this program.


MPSD| Mission's Math Mentors | Click on the picture above to access Math Lessons & Activities

Classroom News for Division 2

If we return to on-line learning, Mrs. Takhar will use her Blog site for any Special Announcements


You can click the picture above to access Mrs. Takhar's BLOG