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Deroche Elementary
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Arts & Crafts

​E-Learning Art Lessons from 2019-20 School Year:

Hello Students!  We wanted to give you an opportunity to do some 'Arts & Crafts' so Ms. Inderjeet has put together some "How To" videos for you to watch.  In case you  don't have the art supplies needed to make things at home, we've included some supplies in your work packages that will be delivered to you.

With Mother's Day coming up, Ms. Inderjeet has posted a video with instructions on how to make a pop-up card.  It can be for your Mom or Grandma or someone that is special to you.  Another craft idea that Ms. Inderjeet wanted to share was how to make 'Hand-print Lilies'.   You can click on the pictures below to watch the videos.  Have fun making your crafts and thank you Ms. Inderjeet!

Arts & Crafts Lesson 1: 

    Mother's Day or Grandma's Day Pop-Up Card:

Arts Crafts - Pop-Up Card.png

Arts & Crafts Lesson 2:  

    Hand-print Lilies

Arts Crafts - Handprint Lilies.png

Arts & Crafts Lesson 3: 

        Flower Bouquet Draw Along

Arts Crafts - Flower Bouquet.png