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Ways to Take care of Yourself in Time of Loss

- Crisis Management Institute -

Talk to family or friends about how you are feeling and doing.

Write your thoughts and feelings in a journal.

Write poetry.

Write letters of regrets and appreciations about anything in life. 

Draw pictures. Get into art.

Play a game or sport. Get lots of exercise.

Listen to soothing music.

Listen to upbeat music and dance!

Snack on healthy foods. Take vitamins.

Enjoy a bubble bath.

Care for your pets and house plants.

Take a favorite stuffed animal to bed with you.

Read a favorite story.

Ask someone who loves you to read you a story.

Let yourself cry.

Ask for a hug. Ask for another hug.

Get lots of sleep.

Spend time in prayer or meditation.

Collect a favor from someone who owes you one!

Treat yourself to a massage.

Light a candle.

Sing loud.

Laugh. Rent a great, hilarious video. See a fun flick.

Ask for a hug. Ask for another hug!